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What I mean when I talk about building a business empire is to begin with one business and build it, then another, and so on until you have a collection of businesses with shared high-level management, specifically under the ultimate control of just one person – YOU. That may begin very humbly with just a

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Interview number two is done and live on YouTube on our Income Production Opportunities youtube channel. Roy shares some of his insights and his business experience with us, and he has some key advice and information that will add value to anyone seeking to start a business online or off – or looking to do

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Find what works for you and start doing that. Get better at it over time and parlay it into other things if so desired. That is a key concept as part of the Build Your Own Business Empire philosophy. With that in mind, we will continue looking into different Income Production Opportunities of all kinds

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The world is an increasingly unstable place. That should be self-evident with everything that has recently happened. So the old ways of just having one source to produce the income you need to live on is not a good option. For that matter, it never was the best approach, even though so many people were

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This question comes up again and again in all kinds of different settings. When you are trying to write a blog post, and article or create any content fro any platform there is a temptation to try for perfection. Endless research, rewriting, editing – second-guessing – and then revisions. The same applies in all human

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The primary purpose of a business is to make a profit. While a business can and should do many other useful and beneficial things – it can not even continue to exist if it does not make a profit. Not in the real world anyway. Yet thanks to the internet that once very clear definition

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