Build Your Own Business Empire Starting Today!

The world is an increasingly unstable place. That should be self-evident with everything that has recently happened. So the old ways of just having one source to produce the income you need to live on is not a good option. For that matter, it never was the best approach, even though so many people were taught to follow certain patterns of behavior. The problem is that when you rely on any single income source – and it goes away for any reason – then you have to scramble to make it up – and if you fail to immediately replace it – life can get really ugly and really challenging fast.

Add to that the fascination with financing everything imaginable to the max – and you have a recipe for disaster.

There is a better way.

Begin Building Your Own Business Now

Millions of people have thought about starting a business. Maybe you have too?

The things that keep people from trying to actually do it are mainly fear and lack of information and resources. Those things are often based on incorrect assumptions and self-limitations that can be easily overcome by anyone if they are really serious enough to take action.

Let’s start with fear.

Fear is primarily caused by the unknown. Being afraid to fail and afraid you will fail because you have no idea what to do or how to do it. The way to start overcoming that limitation is to start getting information and start learning the things you need to know to begin taking action. Once you know just enough to start – the next key is to do just that – START!

Take action and start building a business.

But what exactly is a Business?

A business defined as simply as possible is;  Actions taken with the intention of making a profit.

So it doesn’t have to be a big corporation with a board of directors and a formal structure based in a commercial location, as may come to mind when some people think of what a business is. In fact, most of the businesses in this country (America) and throughout the world for that matter are small businesses and many of them are home-based businesses.

If you are just now thinking about starting your first business I suggest you think about starting as a home-based business and consider keeping it as simple as you can to begin with. Ideally, start a home-based business that you can begin on a shoestring budget, fund it yourself with no loans and no debt, and a business that avoids as many hoops and hurdles as possible.

What do I mean by hoops and hurdles?

Some businesses are highly regulated and they require specialized training, testing, and certifications to be able to legally operate such a business. This includes many kinds of businesses, and the following are just a few;

  • Real Estate Agency
  • Barber Shop
  • Massage Clinic
  • Home Inspection Company
  • Pest Control Company
  • Plumbing/HVAC Company
  • Medical Clinic
  • CPA Firm
  • Insurance Agency

The list could go on and on. These types of businesses can be profitable and for some people may be a good path to take – BUT – they all require expensive training, certification, licenses, and can have a ton of overhead. All that must be incurred and dealt with before you will have a chance to make a single dollar.

You will also need a legal entity in most cases – such as an LLC, S-Corporation, Corporation, or Partnership, etc. along with a business license and other things.

You will need a lot of money and time to get one of these businesses off the ground – and even then there is no guarantee you will be successful. If you try and fail the debt will still remain – and can be tens of thousands up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As I mentioned – these businesses can be profitable – and they certainly have their place. Such a business may be something you want to pursue – and that you will have to decide for yourself. Just be sure you are making a realistic and a well-informed decision, and taking into account that there are other options that are far less expensive to start and far less risky!

There Are Other Income Production Business Opportunities 

You and I are fortunate in many ways to live at this particular time in history. technology has created many different business opportunities that can be started with little to nothing and little to no overhead – yet which are capable of producing hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month – from an online business.

The main things you will need are a computer and an internet connection. By the way – your smartphone is a computer and it provides you with an internet connection too. It is enough to get started – though I do recommend you have a decent laptop computer too.

There are businesses you can start online that do not require any license, no certifications, no commercial locations, no formal business entity, and nothing much else – except sheer determination and action on your part, along with that computer and internet connection.

So what kind of business can you start;

  1. Affiliate Marketing – With affiliate marketing, you market other peoples and other company’s products and when your efforts result in a sale you earn a fee. This can be a lucrative business if you can generate enough interest and traffic
  2. Writer/Author/Publisher – Write your own eBooks, books, audiobooks, and guides and publish them on amazon or publish them directly yourself. You can write a book – all you have to do is put one word down after the next, and follow some basic and simple procedures and you will have your own book done before you even realize it!
  3. Instructor/Online Course Creator – Chances are you already have experience and knowledge other people want and are willing to pay you for. Even if you don’t you can go learn something and then as soon as you know it well enough you can start teaching it too. There are plenty of platforms where you can put your courses – including some that are both profitable and complete FREE for you to use! Take a look at my courses on Udemy and if you want to become an instructor I suggest you consider Udemy for your own courses too
  4. Coach/Consultant/Mentor – Much like being an instructor, people will pay you to help them if you have the information and expertise they want. You can do that online over Zoom, or Skype, and the phone and email – so you can help people no matter where they are without having them or yourself incur travel and lodging expenses and that makes coaching, consulting, and mentoring people a very profitable business for some people. It might be an option for you too
  5. Designer – You can create cups, signs, magnets, hats, and all kinds of other things that can then be uploaded to production partners who will create the thing and ship it directly to your customer. Best of all it cost you nothing until you make a sale. Your production partner takes their cut and you get the rest, every time you produce a sale. It is to create that design initially and your sales copy etc, but once it is all done it becomes relatively easy to manage your business and just focus mainly on marketing and driving sales
  6. Blogger – You can start your own blog, write posts and articles, and create content to attract people, and that gives you traffic. Once you have traffic there are numerous ways to monetize it and get paid. All of the things I mentioned above can be marketed on your own blog – and the blog itself can generate ad revenue in a number of ways
  7. YouTuber/Content Creator – Did you know you can start a YouTube Channel for FREE in minutes and you can do that right NOW? You can… Once you build a following with enough subscribers and viewers to meet YouTubes criteria you can become monetized. that means you can enable ads to run on your channel – and when they do, depending on the ad and how many people watch it, etc, Google will pay you (YouTube is owned and operated by Google in case you didn’t know!) How much can that be? For some people its a few bucks, for others its hundreds and for some its tens of thousands of dollars each and every month…So like all else it depends on you

Find Your Business Idea

One of the first things you are going to need to do is figure out what business idea you want to focus on. This is what you hear people talking about and calling a NICHE or NITCH. It simply means a specific business category to focus on. Even then it can be narrowed and focused even more.

For example, Fitness is a niche – but a very large one. You could narrow that down to more specialized and more focused sub-niches – like bodybuilding, yoga, running, etc. Even then you can break it down further to yoga for women, or yoga for pregnant women, running for men, running for men over 50 and on and on it can go.

While it may be best to choose just one or two niches to start with and develop for strategies and build your business there first – once you know what you are doing and are successful to a point – there is nothing to stop you from expanding into other niches if you like. How many and how far you take it is up to you, and your success will depend on your own skills and abilities and the action you take.

You can build any business around a niche.

For example, you can do affiliate marketing around the niche your choose featuring products in that niche. You can build an entire youtube channel the same way. Write books about it, ebooks, audiobooks, etc.

But first, you have to choose a business idea, a niche, and then get started.

Passion and Profit

There is a ton of advice that tells you to choose something you are passionate about and go with that. That may be good advice – or it may be terrible advice, depending on what it is you are passionate about and whether it can be effectively monetized or not.

Ideally, you want to choose something that meets both of those criteria – that is something that is profitable and for which there is a market that wants what you are going to be selling. Then if it is also something you are passionate about so much the better.

But always remember this – a Business exists to make a profit.

If you cant make a profit with it – then it is not a business. It may be a hobby and it may be a passion but not a business, and here we’re are talking about how you can start your own successful BUSINESS.

On the other hand – you can do something you may not be particularly fond of and certainly not passionate about – yet that may be very lucrative and make your plenty of profit. So much profit you may be able to sell that business – or hire others to run it – and eventually let it fund other things you are passionate about.

So you do as you want, but you have my advice. Passion is good but profit is better. When you can achieve both that is the best way to do it.

Reality vs Scams and False Promises

You have probably already figured out that the internet is both a good and a bad place. There are legitimate opportunities and there are plenty of scams and people waiting to prey on you and rip you off if they can. so do be careful.

Here are a few key things to consider;

  • Making Money Online is NOT EASY – it is hard for most people and many who try will never make a  single dollar
  • It Takes WORK and it takes consistent hard work overtime
  • Most if not all get rich quick schemes are scams and I don’t know of ANY of them that work
  • You will have to learn new things and do then do those things to make money and it will probably take a while before you make any money – may be several months to a year or more of hard work

These things are not what you are probably used to hearing, I know.

That’s because I don’t care at all about trying to make a quick buck off of you, and I would much rather establish a long term relationship with you that is mutually beneficial for you and me both. So with that in mind, I am not going to just tell you what I think you want to hear so I can sell you stuff.

The reality is as I have told you above – like it or not – that is the truth.

There is money to make, and I do believe most people can learn the fundamentals that are necessary and can apply them over time and if they do then they will make money. I also know from experience that is not what most people are looking for – they want to find a way to get rich quick and do it easily. Scammers know that too – and that’s why there are so many products also there promising to give them what they want. Sadly all they are going to really get is an expensive education and a hard cold dose of reality.

If you want help and are willing to do the work – then I will help you as best I can. But if you are looking for a get rich quick and easy program – sorry – I can’t help you, and neither can anyone else because it doesn’t exist.

Building Your Own Business Empire as an Approach 

The idea is to start simple and start your business cheaply without any debt, and with as little risk as you can. By starting an online business as I have described you can avoid almost all of the expenses, and most of the risks too, that are typically associated with any other type of business.

So you get a chance to start making some money and a chance to start learning how to run a business. As you learn you can reinvest your profits to build your business and make it continue to be more profitable. You will also keep learning and keep developing more and more skills – all of which will help you continue growing your empire.

The next step is to use that money and knowledge to launch another business, and then once it too is profitable and successful – simply repeat the process and take this as far as you want and as far as your ambition, drive, skills, and abilities can go.

What you ultimately earn and how well you do, how big or how small your business empire all depends on you. So how far can you take it and how far do you want to take it?

What to Do Next

Once you decide that you are ready to start building your own business then you need to start getting some information and training. If you want my help you can get it by taking my courses on Udemy, joining one of my FREE Facebook groups, and or joining my network on Wealthy Affiliate.

Click the one you choose below;

Udemy Courses

Build Your Own Business Empire Facebook Group

Wealthy Affiliate Network

There are plenty of other options too and plenty of other people who can help you start, build, and grow your own business, either online or off. Just be careful to remember that all real opportunities will take work and time if they are really legitimate and not just another scam.

In the end, your success in your work, your business, and your life all comes down to the decisions you make and the actions you take. If you want a different life – and a better life, then you have to start doing something different than what you have been doing. So make the decision to start building your own business empire – and then start taking action!

I wish you all the best in all you do in your work, in business, and in life – and if I can ever help you – get in touch and let me know.

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