Choosing the Right Businesses in the Right Order

There are many different ways of making money. Multiple different businesses you can start and all kinds of Income Production Opportunities.

The question for you is which one should you start with?

The answer to that question is unique to you, your situation, goals, ambitions, talents, and experience. Yet there are some things you can consider that will help you make a better more informed decision. The first thing to realize is that most people do not choose wisely and they do in fact fail in their attempts. Many fail over and over again – wasting time, money and other resources while becoming increasingly frustrated until they eventually just quit trying and give up altogether.

Knowing that will help you avoid repeating their mistakes and failures.

Choose a Better Way 

The path I recommend is to first start by developing a better mindset, then clarifying your own vision to distill it down to specific goals. Then you can work towards choosing the right business and the right income production opportunities for you right now.

To do that you will have to do some initial research and find some things that appeal to you, then before you invest a single dollar in any such opportunity you need to do your own due diligence and research to know what you are really about to get yourself into. Having accurate information and knowing realistically what to expect will help you make far better choices and greatly improve your chances of success.

Know this going in – all legitimate real businesses and income production opportunities of all types will require that you learn new things, develop new skills and put time, effort and money into your new business to make it work.

Even the best business opportunities have some risk and take some time and effort to produce results. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, and the money to make it work then you are better off choosing another course of action in the first place.

Model Successful Results

In any legitimate and real niche, marketing any imaginable product or services – there are already people successfully doing what you want to do and making real money doing it every single day.

The key to you being to achieve similar success and to do it quickly is to find models to use and then learn what they are doing, how they are doing it and replicate it yourself.

This can dramatically improve your chances of success, your level of success and at the same time greatly reduce the time and effort it will take you to achieve results.

This is the way to go as far as I am concerned, and I highly recommend you very carefully consider it.

yet this is NOT the path taken by most people.

Most people are attracted to “SECRETS” and shiny objects promising all kinds of great things that you can have quickly, and easily. So they spend their money and buy the shiny things that promise so much – and then – nothing happens. They do not achieve wealth, nor that coveted “laptop lifestyle”. In fact, they achieve nothing except finding another thing that does not work and that costs them more of their hard-earned money and more of their precious time.

Try not to do that.

Choose something that is proven to work and that many other people are making it work every day. Then put the time and effort in to get the initial information, training, and support that you need to help you begin achieving results of your own.

Then start.

Action is required to produce results. Take action. Take it daily. Take your business seriously and pursue it as a business and not just a hobby. Find other like-minded people working to do the same things as you are and help them – and they will help you too! Together everyone can achieve more and can do it faster with less frustration than anyone trying to figure out everything alone via trial and error ever can.

Affordable Starting Opportunities 

There are some who try to get you to sign up for super-duper courses, seminars, events, and systems that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront – yet have no guarantee or warranty in the event you should fail to make a single dollar.

Most of them are predatory in nature and full of hype and bogus claims yet deliver very little if anything of any real and true value at all.

Some such programs are legit and do offer hugely valuable training and information, however even then if you have zero business experience and have not put anytime into building a single income production opportunity of any kind that you yourself control – other than working a job as an employee – then the chances of your success are slim to none. Your failure is almost a certainty and if there are hundreds or even thousands of dollars at risk – then what will you have accomplished when you lose it all?

Just keep that in mind as you evaluate potential businesses and income production opportunities of all types.

The best programs and opportunities will offer you entry-level information and training – either for free – or for a very modest fee without trying to hard pressure you into a long term contract or a high ticket event or training of some kind right off the bat. They want to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with you – and other people you are likely to refer or recruit for them if you are successful and happy with your own experience.

The crooks go the other route – they know you are not going to be happy after the fact so they want to put as much high pressure as possible on you as fast as possible to spend as much as possible immediately.

Please do not misunderstand me either – even the good companies and good people who really do want to provide very useful products and support will still try to sell you stuff – that’s what businesses do – but they will never aggressively push you into buying programs and products for thousands of dollars that they know will not work for you.

Realistic Cost and Realistic Earnings Expectations

There are plenty of products and systems you can try that will range from free to no more than $50.00 or so per month and standalone training programs that range from FREE to under a couple of hundred dollars. Noen of them should have any ongoing long term commitment or obligation.

In other words if you decide you don’t like it, it’s not the right fit or you decide it doesn’t work (for you) then you can leave it without incurring any additional expenses and will have exposed yourself to very little lost money and no more than a few days to a few months of your time (less than 90 days).

Again the best programs offer the initial training at very little cost or maybe even free – and give you enough real information and real value to actually get started and get to the point where you can start generating at least some money on a consistent basis.

Ideally, you should make enough to at least cover the entire costs of any ongoing training, membership, support, etc. Otherwise, what is the point?

Any program of any kind that charges you on a continuous basis and yet is incapable of producing even enough money to pay for itself is not much of a business or any kind of real income production opportunity at all!

What can you earn?

When I first started creating products and selling them I made a few hundred dollars after a ton of hard work. Keep in mind I was making, packaging and selling physical products myself. I made some money and I learned a ton of lessons – many the hard way. As I learned and implemented new things my income increased over the years. But in the beginning, it was not much net profit. It is where people get confused too. Revenue and profit are not the same things.

Example – my first products were woodworking projects. I had to buy a bandsaw, tools, packaging, and in my case, I needed a business license and other expenses – all before I produced any revenue let alone any profit. Then there was my time.

Time is often something people forget to calculate back in when they are trying to figure out what they are really earning. You need to calculate that time and compare it accurately. When you do – in some cases – some people are far better off simply working a part-time job in reality, and actually make far more than they do spending countless hours on a “business” that in reality is actually costing them money and not making a net dollar!

I say this to help you make better decisions – not to disparage any business aspirations you have. On the contrary! I want you to start, build and grow multiple profitable and enjoyable businesses of your own – but I do not want you chasing shiny objects that seem like something they, in fact, are not.

Realistically your income is likely to be very small when it begins and then grow over time with effort as you build your business. In the very beginning it will probably produce nothing at all – and in fact, may actually cost you some money out of pocket for a while. This is normal and to be expected and it is just part of the price required to achieve success – just remember what I already said earlier – and try to avoid pumping massive amounts of money and time into losing propositions. Remember to do your homework and choose carefully what you pursue – and only pursue what you can realistically afford to do right now!

As you make more money and develop more knowledge and more skills – then you will be able to reinvest and parlay that all into more and more money which can become compounding over time. That’s the idea.

But remember – in the beginning, it is likely to be nothing, then a little bit and then a little more. Over weeks and months, you should be able to grow your income to significant levels – if you do the work and are consistent at it. There are NO GUARANTEES and you may not make anything at all either, and that is a certainty if you don’t do the work in the first place.

Another example is my own course creation and online teaching business.

My first course initially didn’t do much, then it started getting a few sales. I added more courses and got more sales, then more sales and I added more courses and I watched my income continue to climb. It still does. As I produce more and more content (like this) and more and more people find me and my training courses, books, and other products through my various websites, channels, my podcast and other ways I get more sales and make more money – and of course as I continue to create new courses, release new ebooks and products it all adds up.

I know with absolute certainty it works – because I am doing it. I also know countless other people who are doing the same things I am (and many who are far more along and making far more money) and I look at and model the people that inspire me and I do better.

You can do the same thing too if you are willing to do the work required to make it happen.

That’s the real question – are your ready to work hard for what you want?








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