How and Why to Begin Building Multiple Streams of Income

Most people work a single job as their only source of income.

That is a really bad idea – even though millions of people do it daily. Some are fortunate enough to have a working spouse or other family member. Yet they also have additional expenses along with that additional income too.

Typically when people have additional income they increase their spending proportionally. That results in having to have that level of income just to get by each month.

If anything happens when you live like that you go into an almost immediate crisis. Even when it is working well enough to get by you feel the stress and the pressure constantly – and many people feel trapped working jobs they do not even like, yet fear leaving because they have to have that income.

There is a much Better way. Learn and follow the Build Your Own Business Empire philosophy.

The core idea is simple Рbuild and maintain at least three separate sources of income at all times with each being equal to or more than your  current source of income.

When you reach that level with a new source of income we call that achieving Point Of Equilibrium (or POE).

Once you achieve POE then it is time to repeat the same process with a completely different source of income and build a new stream from a new Income Production Opportunity.

Once you achieve POE with that stream – you have a major decision to make. Either hold what you have and just keep improving those streams and managing your finances correctly and systematically (also part of BYOBE philosophy) and enjoy living a much better and happier life. Or choose to continue building your empire with one new stream after another done the same way.

How far you choose to take that is up to you. You might be the next Bezos, or Buffett or who knows how far you can go.

Your choices are your own as are your goals – whether modest or off the charts grand in scope and scale.

No matter where your entrepreneurs journey takes you, it will be a far Better life for you and your family.

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