Is Wealthy Affiliate a Real Opportunity or Just Another Scam

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Check out this video I did for our Income Production opportunities channel a while back;

The short answer? No Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam or a ripoff.

What it is really is one of the best training and support opportunities that you will ever find anywhere if you want to start and build an Online Business of your own.

Wealthy Affiliate vs GURU GARBAGE Programs

First of all, WA offers you a real chance to see inside – a look behind the curtain if you will – before you have to part with any money.

That alone is unusual.

Most GGP’s want your card number upfront – and you have to remember to cancel the “FREE” trial within some number of days or they charge you – and once they do good luck even getting that money back. That’s if you can even get them to stop charging you again for a few months before you can get them to stop doing that too.

So such things are not really FREE at all, are they?

WA is different in that respect and they do not play such games.

You can poke around inside to your heart’s content – and then only if you agree it is a real value do YOU decide to buy anything. Even then you can simply do the month-to-month membership which you can cancel anytime you like – or you can prepay for a year at a time (with some great discounts too) if you prefer to do that.

The next thing you will notice is that they go out of the way to tell you upfront NOT to expect easy money or to be making any money immediately. Why do they tell you that? Because it is the TRUTH and they know you need to have reality based information in order to be actually successful long term – which is what they want.

Guru Garbage Programs are Big On Hype and Short On Value

A typical GGP pushes all the right psychological buttons.

They are smart.

They have done the research and they are experts at knowing what you WANT TO HEAR.

So they give you that. But sadly that is all they typically give you because they do not even know how to actually deliver any real value or teach you how to achieve any real success of any kind where they still make massive profits themselves.

Even if they knew how – they wouldn’t.


Time and work. That’s why. You see they would have to work hard over a long period of time to actually teach you, mentor you, coach you and answer your questions as they come up. That’s not easy money or fast money and they would actually have to do real work! No thanks! that’s not what they want – they just want your money – preferably as much of it as they can get as fast as they can get it too.

Some – the worst of the worst – are far more nefarious than that. They sign you up for a high ticket sale right off the bat using pressure and deception, then as soon as your payment clears they immediately begin upselling you on a much more expensive program – often in the thousands of multiples of thousands of dollars. That’s all before they deliver anything much but more and more hype and groupthink. Much like a typical MLM operation, except much shorter focused.

They focus only on the short game.

Get as much of your money as possible as fast as possible – period.

There is no long-term plan – except to scam as many as possible – then fold up shop and reopen under a new name and brand and then repeat the same scam again and again.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Long-term Success Depends on its Member’s Long-term Success

Read that again and let it sink in.

WA is playing the long game. They DO want you to be successful and they count on it.

They know they will make far more money with far fewer headaches and problems by providing honest training with realistic expectations and then doing everything possible to keep the members HAPPY so they stay members for the long haul!

Many have been there for YEARS now.

That includes me now at about two years and counting.

That’s because the content and the training continue to be added and updated. There is new live training every week and new courses being added by other successful members inside the platform all the time.

Once you learn the basics and have some success then you can even coach and mentor others too if you like and both continue to learn and help other people at the same time.

If you really want to take it up another notch – WA has its own affiliate program and will pay you for referring other people to the program. But I do NOT recommend you do that until you have been there long enough to learn the platform and make sure it is a good fit for you, and so you can actually help your own referrals do better once they are there too.

Even then there is NEVER any pressure on you to send people there, to make referrals, or recruit anyone. You only do that if YOU choose to do so – and while I love it and know it is an excellent opportunity too, there are many members who do not ever make a single referral and instead focus on other aspects of affiliate marketing and online business such as just marketing their own niche products on their own websites.

If you want to check it out, then come on in and do so here;

Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial



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