Roy Bretton YouTube Interview on Starting and Running a Business

Interview number two is done and live on YouTube on our Income Production Opportunities youtube channel.

Roy shares some of his insights and his business experience with us, and he has some key advice and information that will add value to anyone seeking to start a business online or off – or looking to do better with an existing business.

He is another person who thinks like I do in many ways – and that is to view your business as a long term pursuit and work at it consistently over time, and to get specialized information and help from other people.

Roy is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and he is willing to help you there as well if you join – and keep in mind you can even try WA out for free. There is an affiliate link to Wealthy Affiliate that will let you connect with Roy under the video in the description box.

You will also be able to interact with more than 1.4 million other members (including me and Jeff Brown and many others too!) and Wealthy Affiliate is still growing – so you will find plenty of people there who can help you and support you as you start, build and grow your own business too.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

I will have more videos, including interviews and tutorials coming soon – but I am currently fighting with technology. Specifically trying to find and get a GOOD internet connection out in the country where there is no cable. That means I am looking at satellite or cell – and so far haven’t found anything that is near ideal for video.

Hughes Net sucked.

So I finally canceled that, and it was a waste of money in my opinion. Next, we tried a Verizon hotspot – and that worked OK with regular internet, less so for recording and uploading video.

Now we are trying NOMAD… and I still have high hopes for it. Stay tuned and I will let you know once I finally find something that actually works better than just barely.

Once I do – then I intend to really ramp up videos – and especially video interviews which I really enjoy!

Have a great day, check out the interview with Roy Bretton and come join us in WA and in our own Build Your Own Business Empire Facebook group which you can find here; Build Your Own Business Empire Facebook Group


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