Hello and Welcome to Build Your Own Business Empire!

My name is L.D. Sewell and I am the founder of Transport Resource Solutions LLC, and the publisher of this site.

I would like to spend just a few minutes sharing a little of my story as we get to know each other better, and so you have a better understanding of not only what I do – but why I do what I do.

Several years ago I was working 70,80 and more hours per week and earning very good money – yet it never seemed to be enough to get ahead. I was just getting by month to month, and I was becoming more and more miserable and unhappy day by day.

I had a salaried job that paid well but demanded massive amounts of my time and energy – and I was always on call seven days a week for emergencies.

In addition to that, I had started my own recruiting, consulting, and publishing company – Transport Resource Solutions LLC – as a part-time business, and was working it as hard as I could. When I came in from my “JOB” I immediately went to work in my own business and was often working until midnight or even later.

Beyond all that even, my wife ran a candle and soap-making business and I helped her with that too. From pouring candles and soap making to packing, deliveries, collections, humping supplies etc. etc. we did it all – and then she had customers wanting wooden crates – so I made those too!

I was exhausted – mentally – physically – emotionally – and any other way you can imagine.

Every day I was working my ass off – and it was never enough…

I knew there had to be a better way, and I desperately wanted to find it ad find it soon!

Getting Ahead vs Just Getting By In Work, In Business and In Life 

There is a huge difference between a profitable business you own and operate vs a self-employed job that you must personally work. 

This is a key concept you really need to understand.

While it is OK to have some of your income produced by working such a job – either as a self-employed person or even as an employee, you need to also have some other income from passive and semi-passive sources that you control!

Most people want to start and run a business of their own, and some want to build multiple streams of income from multiple businesses. They want to build a business empire of their own – that they control and that they direct as they see fit.

Yet few ever achieve any success at all in their attempts, and those few who do struggle for years to get anywhere close to what they envision as business success.

It took me a while to figure out that no matter how hard you work there is a definite limit to your level of productivity when you are doing all of the work personally – and especially when the work is a self-employed job type of thing vs a passive and semi-passive income-producing business.

Take crate making for example.

You make a crate. You sell it. You get paid.

Now to be able to make more money – you must make more crates.

Stop making crates – and your money stops.

Even worse, crate making is time-intensive and low profit relatively speaking – which is the opposite of what you want – which is low time and effort with high profits.

The purpose of Build Your Own Business Empire is to change that and to give you the information, tools, and resources you need to greatly improve the chances of your own success – and to help you get there much faster.

The purpose is to help you get ahead instead of just getting by.

It will require WORK and it will require dedication to achieving the goals you set for yourself – but if you do the work you will achieve results. Results that are compounding and can be used to go even further.

A better way is to have multiple streams of income from multiple sources – and much of it from passive and semi-passive income sources.

How I Make My Money Now

After more than a decade with that company, I decided enough was enough and I quit.

I left to pursue my own interests and my own vision of building Transport Resource Solutions into a company like no other… it would do many things – but at its core, it would be a training company and a publishing company providing specialized information products to both internal personnel and external customers.

It has grown and evolved and now we operate as a motor carrier hauling freight, with planes to begin adding other drivers as we continue to grow into a fleet and beyond.

We also publish online courses on Udemy, other platforms, and in our own training centers as well as conduct some personal live training occasionally to.

So I make money as an independent owner operators hauling freight that we choose for rates that we negotiate when and where we like. I also create and publish online courses which are fully automated once published and which people from all over the world buy any time of day or night they like, and I make a large and increasing amount of money from our online courses.

I also write and publish eBooks, books, training manuals, and other publications -a do make income from sales there too – and most of that is automated once the publications are written and uploaded to Amazon and other platforms.

Now I am beginning to also earn more money from Affiliate Marketing as well.

All of these different things are what I refer to as Income Production Opportunities and all add to my overall income. They also give me diversity of income – meaning multiple streams of income from multiple sources – which is far better than having all or most of your income tied to any one source – especially these days!