Start Where You Are – Build Your Own Business Empire From There

What I mean when I talk about building a business empire is to begin with one business and build it, then another, and so on until you have a collection of businesses with shared high-level management, specifically under the ultimate control of just one person – YOU.

That may begin very humbly with just a single micro business or small business of some kind. For a lot of people, it will begin on a shoestring budget of almost no money with just sheer will and determination fueling it at its infancy.

Though humble indeed- that will be enough to get it started and keep on growing it.

So – know this going in – you do NOT need anything at all at the moment other than the DESIRE to start building your own business empire and the WILL to take consistent ACTION.

If you are willing to do that – then I can help you and I will teach you how to start building your own business empire, just as I am doing – with hard work over time.

I want you to imagine a line of progression.

On the left side at the beginning is a tiny desk with a laptop and a spiral notebook, a pencil and in front of that is a chair. The computer is connected to the internet.

The chair is for you.

Have a seat.

Now imagine you log onto the world wide web aka the internet – and begin searching for ways to start a business. You land on my website, Build Your Own Business Empire and here you are, reading this post and these words now.

Hello – nice to meet you!

Now imagine the other end of that imaginary line of progression – what does your ultimate business empire look like to you? That is what you are about to begin working toward.

You will get there by completing a lot of smaller and simpler steps first, and building your business until it becomes successful and profitable – and then starting and building the next business in the same way, and continuing one by one, and gaining clarity and confidence as well as expertise as you successfully progress from one step to the next.

Assess Your Situation

Before we decide what specific actions might best suit you now – you need to do some thinking and figuring out of a few things. One is to clarify your vision.

1. What kind of business do you want?

2. Why?

3. What are your resources and what additional resources do you need?

That is going to be different for you than it is for other people. So it is important. Figure these things out first, or at least to the point that you can begin to make informed decisions and keep moving forward.

If you have specialized knowledge and skills and enough money and resources to do it then you may be able to start further down that line I asked you to imagine earlier than someone else can. And if not – then you won’t, and that is OK too.

All that matters first is for you to do an honest assessment of where you are in relation to where you want to be so that we have a better understanding of your true starting point.

If you can start in a more advanced position, and that is what you want to do – then that is fine. On the other hand, if you have few if any resources and little to no specialized information, knowledge, or skills that are applicable for our purposes here – then that is also fine.

I will show you what you can do next to begin fixing that problem.

Stabilize First Then Begin Building

Every month I see the same problems again and again with numerous people. The pattern is often the same; ” Help me, I am broke and need to make money fast!” or some version of that.

Desperate people looking for fast and easy ways to start a business and make “passive income” immediately – and they really need it because they are about to lose their home or car or both, and are hungry with little to no money for food or any other things needed to live.

Is that you too?

If it is – then pay close attention – and I am about to help you in a profound way that you may not be used to and you may find quite shocking. I am going to tell you the truth, and I warn you now it may NOT be what you want to hear – but it is precisely what you NEED to hear in order to actually do better.

You do NOT need a Business Yet – you need to go get a J O B!


Why on earth would I say such a thing, instead of just offering to sell you some “Secret” information in a course or product of some kind that promises you can make big money fast for nothing except the low price of whatever super-duper secret thing is being sold?

The reason is also simple. Because I want you to be successful in real life and successful from now on for years to come, and for the rest of your life. As you become more successful I have LOTS of courses and books and training programs and other products that can and will help you, and while they start at modest and affordable prices – some of my advanced training courses and products will cost you a lot of money too.

But none of it will help you until you stabilize your situation first, and then begin building a better life and a better business step by step. Then as you do you WILL be able to afford my stuff – easily – and it will help you, and you will love it so you will bring other people to me to buy my stuff too.

In other words, I want you as a loyal and happy customer and client for life! The idea is that I want to help you so you can help me too.

That means I need to truly help you and add value now, and then later I can profit from your business as you benefit from my training and my products.

When it works that way it becomes a win-win situation for you and for me, and a long-term mutually beneficial relationship for us both.

That’s why.

Affiliate Marketing as a Beginning

Once you have your situation stabilized – one of the first businesses I want you to consider starting is an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate marketing basically means that you are an intermediary between a seller and a buyer and you are introducing the two and providing specific value-adding information to help the buyer/customer make an informed decision as to whether to choose the product or not.

When they do, and when they pay – then you earn a fee or commission as your payment for bringing about that particular sale.

All major retailers and most other businesses of all sizes now have affiliate programs to help them market and sell their products.

From Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, to Dollar General and everything else you can imagine they all have some kind of affiliate program where people can sign up and join and market their products in exchange for commissions.

There are programs where you can go directly to the company and sign up in some cases and in other cases, you will go through another company that manages their affiliate program for them such as CJ, Rakuten, Clickbank, etc.

In most cases, you are going to need to have your own website – and I will teach you how to get it, how to build it, and how to maintain it as well as how to add content over time.

Once you have chosen some companies to represent and some specific products to market then you sign up – get approved – get your affiliate links, embed them in your content, and get them out in front of prospective customers. As some of them consume your content and click on those links the companies will track them and know they came there from you.

If they buy something you earn money.

You can get your content out on free platforms such as YouTube, and social media like Facebook and others – but in all cases, you need to be careful to comply with their terms of service so you don’t encounter problems.

This makes it a business you can start literally for free – if you can just get online somehow – you can own your own affiliate marking business as soon as TODAY!

You can even get your first starter website and some training – all for FREE! Join me inside Wealthy Affiliate and I will show you how and what you need to do next.

Keep in mind that any new business is going to require learning and it is going to require work and time before you begin to really start to see it pay off. I want you to know that because too many people listen to all the guru garbage lies and the scammers promising fast easy money – and it is just the opposite. The money is slow to start coming in, at least in large amounts and it takes a ton of work upfront before you will ever see the first dollar.

So know that going in and be willing to do the work over time until you begin to see the results you want and then keep on keeping on even then.

How long? probably 9 months to a year – and maybe up to two years. That’s the truth – and I know it’s a shocker that you are not likely used to hearing.

But keep in mind that time is coming and will pass regardless – the question is will you use it wisely and be building your business – or will you just let it slip away and pass you by as you continue searching for shiny object get-rich-quick secrets and scams that will always take your money and make big promises – yet never deliver the results they keep promising you.

In 9 months to a year or two, you will either have a profitable business and be ready for the next step – or you will still be broke and making excuses. Either way will be determined by your mindset and your actions.

So choose, and choose wisely my friend!

Learn Marketing as Part of Learning Affiliate Marketing

You must sell stuff to make money.

Affiliate marketing will teach you a lot of very valuable lessons – that are true and important for affiliate marketing of course, but that are also at the same time equally true and important for ALL kinds of marketing too.

Your job is to learn all of those lessons as soon as you can and to get the bigger picture of overall total marketing including marketing of all kinds.

That’s the idea.

To learn and earn at the same time so you can use both the money you will be making and the knowledge and skills you will be acquiring to scale up and bring the next business online when it is time for you to do that.

Your Own Digital Products

You begin affiliate marking by selling other people’s stuff.

When you are ready for that next step you are going to begin selling your own products too.

If you follow my training then I am going to teach you how to select and refine your own niche areas of authority and how to package that knowledge up and sell it as a product in the form of online courses.

While you may doubt your ability to create a course of your own (most people don’t think they can either!) I can assure you that if you follow my instructions and do the work I ask you to do – you will produce and publish your first online course too!

You will learn a systematic and strategic way of producing course after course using my systems, templates, methods, and products that make it very understandable, simple, and effective.

You will learn how to go from course idea to live course that is for sale within one week, and then how to replicate that as often as you like by creating more and more courses.

I am also going to teach you how to use everything you will have learned up to that point to market and sell products that will produce recurring ongoing revenue for you month after month for years to come – and that is a very powerful thing indeed!

The Journey Will Continue

As you complete each step and each product you will begin to earn more money. You will reinvest a portion of your money back into your own business to keep growing it and keep making even more money. You will also be using all those skills and all that specialized knowledge you will be continually acquiring to help keep you moving forward and keep building your won business empire too.

There is a specific sequence that will lead you to greater and greater profits and eventually to financial freedom and independence. How far you want to go is up to you, as are the specific routes you choose to take to get there. My job is to provide you with information and help you evaluate it all – then you need to decide what to pursue and what not to go after.

How far you choose to go is up to you my friend!

I hope you have gotten useful information d some inspiration from this – so far. Keep in mind there is much more coming for you too, so be sure to sign up for email notifications and go to our BYOBE youtube channel and subscribe there too and I will talk to you again soon in the next post or the next video!

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