THE Best Way to Build Your Own Business Online or Off!

Today I have been reading blog posts and watching videos on YouTube by other people talking about THE best way to start and build an online business, to make passive income and to become an entrepreneur.

It is always interesting to me how many people directly contradict each other and say the exact opposite things need to be done than the other guru just said in the previous video or blog post!

It’s kinda like the food guys. Eat eggs they are great for you! Don’t eat eggs they will kill you! Drinking coffee is actually good for you! Drinking coffee is bad for you and causes all kinds of problems!

Entrepreneurship and particularly online related businesses and business opportunities have all kinds of crazy claims and they often contradict each other to extremes too. So which one is best and which one should be avoided at all costs?

The First Thing to Consider

Even among the true and honest opportunities – which do exist but you have to dig deep to find them under all the crap that is out there – they need to be looked at as they apply to YOU.

There simply is NO SUCH THING as one single BEST WAY in terms of what kind of business to start and run that is best for you and for everyone else. What matters is finding which ones are better for you given your own unique situation, time and talents along with other resources you have available.

For example, trying to become an author and write and publish your own books and eBooks is a terrible idea for you if you hate writing!

It may be a bad idea too if you are a terrible writer and can’t think of anything to write and when and if you finally do, you agonize for hours just to create a couple of mediocre paragraphs. If that is the case – where you suck – but you really want to write, then there are classes and workshops you can take and then with time and effort, you can and should improve to a decent enough level that you can at least make it work.

But if you hate it though, you will never stick with it long enough and put in all the hard work and effort over a long enough time to ever get good at it.

The same is true for so many other things too.

Don’t become a truck driver if you hate driving, working long hours and being away from home. If you truly hate these things you are going to be miserable as a driver – so why not find something better to do that is more to your liking?

Over the years I have known many people who attempted to become instructors but were not good at it, and had no interest in getting better at it either. They simply wanted the extra money and didn’t care about training other people for any other reason. Invariably they made poor instructors and some even terrible instructors!

They didn’t care about their students and trainees and it showed in everything they did.

The online business and affiliate marketing world, as well as many of the offline income production opportunities, suffer from the same things. People try to sell and promote things they do not care about, are not interested in – and in ways, they do not understand or care about and as a result, have not taken the time and made the effort to know much if anything about either. They just spam and put links all over the place trying to make a few more dollars with no other concern for the people they are trying to sell whatever the thing is to – other than to get paid fast and move on.

Because they don’t know anything about what they are selling and because they don’t care about the people they are trying to sell it to – the result is usually they don’t sell very much of it for very long either.

Then they run around all over the place pontificating about the thing they tried being a SCAM or ripoff, when in reality it wasn’t that at all. It just was not the right choice for them – and they did not do the work necessary to achieve results.

To make it all even more complicated there are also plenty of scams, schemes, and ripoffs too. Yet people lie and falsely promote things they know don’t work because they hope still get paid every time another sucker buys the thing.

So What is THE BEST Opportunity for YOU?

There are a couple of thoughts I would like you to consider as you ponder that question. The first is that you have to figure out first who you are and what you really truly want. Once you know that you can look at each potential opportunity and better evaluate whether it is in alignment with your situation and with your goals at this time or not.

Then figure out if it is a good opportunity or not. Read reviews and do your homework. Is it at least a good opportunity – not necessarily a perfect one?

If it is, then do it. If not then move on.

You do not need to worry about finding the BEST – all you need to do is choose something that is real and true and that works for you right now – that you are ready able and willing to actually do – then do it. Beyond that don’t wast any other time or effort looking for the best thing. Just find something that works and get to work!

When you do that you will begin to make some progress. If you have indeed chosen something you care about and find interest in then you will find it far easier to keep doing it, keep learning more and keep gaining more and more experience. As all that happens you will make more money and keep getting better all along the journey.

My advice? Figure out who you are and what you want – then choose something real that works and that you like – and get started doing it NOW!





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