What is a Business Empire?

Some people have different ideas on things – so I am going to tell you what I mean by the term “Business Empire”.

It simply means to build a business with intent and purpose systematically – then to take some of the revenue, along with all the lessons learned and use it to further build the business to a point that it is not only successful in its own right, but while continuing to grow – it can also fund additional businesses and investments.

Then, in turn, those businesses and investments produce additional revenue and profit – and additional experiences along with lessons learned – which can also be used to start build and grow additional businesses.

Some people like the term multiple streams of income.

The source of that income must come from something – and that thing most often will be a business – or better yet businesses. These businesses can be interconnected, interrelated and help each other grow.

That is what I mean by Business Empire.

Every Empire Has a Beginning

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look at current empires such as Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and many others. Yet they did not begin on day one as the massive enterprises you see today. But they did begin – and they kept growing.

You do not need to get overwhelmed either, because I am not saying in the least that you should endeavor to build such a massive business empire of such magnitude as those mentioned – or that you should not either.

What you can do is decide that you want to start, build and grow a single business and then make that work first. Then if you desire to do so, use the resources and the experience you gain from doing it to launch another business. You decide for yourself. You also decide how far you want to take it.

It very well may be a much smaller scale business empire – but still, one that is capable of being totally life changing for you and your family. That is the idea. Start at the beginning. Then take action and get results. Learn and do the things you need to learn and do to start doing better in business and in life. Then you get to keep deciding what to do next – as you reach goal after goal.

Your business empire will be your own.

My hope is also that as you decide to do this, you will become a valuable part of a growing community of other like-minded entrepreneurs who all want to achieve their own ideas of success – and who want to help other likeminded people do the same.






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