Why You Need a Better Plan Than Just Having a Job

For years and years, people have been conditioned to get a job.

Then work that job and be normal like everyone else does. That includes taking on a mortgage to buy a home, buying your car with an auto loan, using credit cards for all kinds of stuff, and keep that all-important job so you can pay for it all.

But what happens when you can’t?

Maybe the company shuts down – either temporarily as part of, say – a global pandemic, or for any one of hundreds of other possible reasons. Your income will stop. Then your life will quickly spin out of control and into crisis. Families will argue and fight – and many will separate and break up marriages too.

If you do not quickly find a way to make up all that lost income from some other source you will potentially lose it all.

You can easily lose your home, your cars, and other possessions. If you lose your home where will you and your family sleep – and where will you stay? Shelter is a must-have – so then what are you going to do about it?

Diversify Your Income Now!

Some will tell you that having a job and being an employee is bad.

They say its like “modern slavery” and it is such a terrible thing. Others will say that it is indentured servitude which doesn’t sound quite as bad – yet it still sounds bad to a great extent too.

Here is what I will tell you about all that;

Having a job is, and of itself NOT a bad thing at all and can even be a GOOD thing!

What makes it good or bad is YOU and how you approach it and what specifically you do. If you do like most people do and burrow yourself into a crazy amount of debt and monthly expenses, that’s bad. If you have no other ways to produce income from other sources other than that job – then that is really bad!

When you do that you have indentured yourself and trapped yourself in a job that you can come to hate – yet will find extremely difficult to leave because of the situation you have put yourself in. But just remember YOU DID IT!

It is THEIR Fault!

Whoever they are, that is. They are to blame for all your woes. It’s the employer. Its the government. Its anybody or anyone else other than your own fault, right?


You are the man or the woman in the mirror and the one you see gazing back from that mirror is the one person on this plant responsible for you.

Once you finally come to understand and accept that simple and in your face fact, then you can finally start doing something about changing your situation and begin building a better life to your own design.

Now I will say this, society and some members of it are far too happy to feed you whatever they think you want to hear in order to help get you to do what they want you to do. Namely, that includes being “normal” and following society’s conditioning and just keep on buying crap you can’t afford, don’t need and that keeps you indentured.

But they can only do that when you choose to be compliant and so long as you keep following their ideas of normal behavior!

So stop that now!

Become DEFIANT and stop being blindly compliant with anyone or anything else on earth and start thinking for yourself. Then you can start changing what you are doing and begin doing better so you can start getting ahead instead of just always struggling to get by.

So know that – and never forget it from this day forward for the rest of your life. It is NOT their fault! It is YOUR fault because you are responsible for your own life!

You are the Captain of your own ship.

Once you realize that – then you can start changing course – and start making way toward a destination of your own choosing and a better life.

Build Your Own Business Empire

That at its essence simply means start creating income from sources that you can control. Then instead of just spending the money you make, start using it as leverage to make more money and to improve your situation in this world on a consistent and continuous basis. It doesn’t have to be huge changes or immediate changes either. Just consistent progress little by little over time adds up. Eventually, it starts compounding too.

You can do that while having a job.

Start a side business. Start learning the ropes and begin making money and reinvest it back into your business. Begin also changing your spending habits and make sure you are managing the ratio of what goes out in relation to what comes in. Always live well below your means – and the way to have more in time is to always increase the income but keep the percentage of what you spend the same.

As you work to eliminate debt you gain power. You gain independence.

Imagine you have no house payment – no mortgage or rent at all. Whatever you live in is fully and completely paid for! Then imagine you also have paid for in full vehicles – no car payments. No blasted credit card bills either.

How would that change your life?

More Freedom and More Independence

The less you owe the more leverage you have and the less dependent you are on any source of income. Including any one specific job.

That makes it far more likely that you will stand up for yourself and your rights. When your employer says they want to change your schedule then you have the option of saying no, that you are not going to agree to that. When they come to you and say they have and to make some cuts and let some people go – so they want to increase your hours, and/or your responsibilities – but not increase your pay – then you can say no thanks or at least bargain for more pay or a better offer.

Often they will back down, or increase your pay, but if they don’t you can easily leave them and go elsewhere with more confidence because you will not be buried under that mountain of debt where you have to have every dollar or that company paycheck or you will lose it all.

So again, you can say simply choose to say “no thanks”. You can say “I will be happy to leave my schedule like it is” – and if they disagree then you can leave and it isn’t nearly as big of a deal as it would be for other “normal” people when confronted with the same choice.

That is powerful.

When you reach the point where you work a job because you CHOOSE to – and you do it to get ahead and not just to survive week to week and month to month anymore.

Yet that is not what broke and desperate people do, is it? They just nod their heads reluctantly and agree to unfair and unreasonable demands out of desperation. They feel trapped. They feel like wage slaves. They feel disillusioned and desperate – and even depressed… They feel like they don’t have any choice but to do as they are told.

But that isn’t true.

They DO have a choice and so do you. Take charge of your own life, seize command of your own ship – and start acting like a captain! Like it or not you are in command of your own life – and you can either act like it or you can relinquish control to others. Make no mistake about it either – there are plenty of people and plenty of companies and other organizations out there that will be more than happy to use you and abuse you to whatever extent that YOU LET THEM do it to you.

In the end, you are the one who has to decide to help yourself. Nobody can build a better life for you – though there are other people like me who will help you if you want theĀ help, the reality remains that you must do the work and make the choices needed to change your life for the better.

Income Production Opportunities are All Around You

Sometimes I read an article or a post or I watch a video where a person says that whatever system, method, or tactic, membership, course – or “SECRET” they are representing is THE BEST WAY to make money.

Some even say their way is THE ONLY WAY to make money.

When I hear that my first reaction is to chuckle. Then the next thought that usually crosses my mind is that they are either idiots or scammers – and often both!

There is NO BEST WAY and there damn sure are many more ways than just any ONE way too!

There are thousands of ways to make money.

Many of them are online income production opportunities and many others are offline. Some can even be combined and done both online and offline.

Some are good. Some are better than others. Some work but are so time and effort-intensive compared to what they are capable of producing they are not worth the effort in most cases for most people. Other things are lucrative but not necessarily things you are going to want to do or that you are going to be able to be particularly good at. Some are a better fit for some people and not a good fit for others. That is the truth. That is real life.


The key is to find something that works better for you right now and that you are able and willing to do – and then start doing that. It doesn’t have to be perfect and in fact, it is unlikely you will ever find anything that is truly perfect. There are plenty of things that are good enough – and that is all you need to be able to make progress and start changing your life.

Find something that works and start doing it now – and stop waiting!

Otherwise one day you may lose that job you say you hate and you will be in a panic. So again don’t wait. Start learning new skills and start trying new things NOW so you can begin building your income in more ways and start getting ahead instead of just getting by all the time.

By the way – I do not have all the answers either, nor have I ever claimed I do. But I do have some. I do know some things that can help you if you are willing to do the work that is required to help yourself.

Want my help?

Visit my instructor profile on Udemy and take some of my courses, then join one of my groups or networks and get in touch with me personally and let me know you are one of my students, and I will do my best to help you set and reach goals of your own choosing and help you build a better life.

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